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Services – It's


We offer competitive pricing and flexible finance models and painless paperwork experience to both clients and suppliers.


We are an established player in the region with solid financial backing and ambitious growth plans.


As a buyer you gain access to a trusted, fast growing network of large and small sawmills throughout the region.


The sustainable and certificated timber we source is used for pallet and packaging, construction and multipurpose roles.


You can benefit from our knowledge and relationships nurtured by our team 35 people over the past 8 years

Timber Trading Services

ITS works mainly with suppliers and customers as a trader providing full service of purchasing planning, negotiations, logistics management, financing the contract, quality and report controls as well as source of timber, including FSC®(FSC-C129096) & PEFC certifications.

If you want:

  • A knowledgeable partner who understands seasonality, currency fluctuations and other market forces
  • An understanding partner to resolve any issues that may arise
  • A partner who will work with you long term
  • Flexible payment plans to suit your business
  • Fair competitive prices for your timber
  • Stability of regular orders from a large buyer

You can trust ITS to:

  • Offer you competitive prices. Price matters.
  • Quality timber delivered wherever you need in the world, on time, every time.
  • Guaranteed availability – A significant number of contracts with extensive network of timber producers in Central & Eastern Europe & Russia

We combine our customer and ITS suppliers to provide full service of purchasing planning, logistics management and report controls. This enables a strategic relationship with sawmills, efficient negotiations and control over the quality and source of timber, including FSC®(FSC-C129096) & PEFC certifications.

We currently manage distribution hubs in Europe. With this experience, we can support clients in setting up and running their own timber consolidation, control and distribution hubs.

Through our team of technical auditors and systems, we can customise a technical control program on pallets, timber and other related materials. We help customers improve the quality of their timber products.

Based on ITS system, we enable supplier control and management. ITS solution is web-based, real-time data, accessible through all devices and interactive, as suppliers have their own access.

We currently manage distribution hubs in Europe. With this experience, we can support clients in setting up and running their own timber consolidation, control and distribution hubs.

ITS negotiates the conditions for fresh sawn timber.
This timber is then delivered to ITS transformation and consolidation hubs

We invest in the necessary technology to secure sorting, cross-cutting, kiln-drying and repacking for delivery.
We provide the expertise and processes.

Sustainable timber supply has become integral to way ITS Group does business.

Our key clients trust ITS to deliver FSC® Certified (or sometimes PEFC Certified) timber.

You can feel confident that our supply chain managers (conduct traceability to source to) ensure compliance.

We monitor FSC® (FSC-C129096)& PEFC regularly to ensure our timber, and our business processes are keeping in step with requirements.

Long term we are aiming for ISO14001 for harvesting, sawmilling and timber engineering, as we work to enhance our services and commitment to environmental issues.

Our promises to you are covered by the ITS Group customer service charter

  • Deal with you promptly, efficiently and to the best of our ability
  • Offer a flexible, individual approach according to your requirements
  • Provide clear and accurate information and pricing
  • Be courteous, friendly and attentive in our dealings with you
  • Treat all our customers equally and with respect
  • Consult with you on a regular basis in order to evaluate and improve our services
  • Be transparent in our dealings with you
  • Deliver the quality that was agreed
  • Protect any personal information you give to us
  • Listen to your feedback and act promptly if you have a complaint.
W Terminal Riga
Head of Operations

Working with ITS over the past many years has been a pleasure. They are reliable, professional, handle challenges in a prompt and efficient manner. They are one of most important trading partners

Sawmill in N. Russia

They know we can supply and we know they will buy. Competitive pricing and friendly customer service are a bonus.